Treviso enchants visitors for the harmonious coexistence of
nature, art and history

The visit to the city can only start from Piazza Dei Signori, heart and meeting place of Treviso. The Piazza stands on the junction of the cardo and decumanus of the Roman era and which over time has been used as a market and a place of political and cultural discussions.

On the elegant arcaded square, there are three important buildings: the Palazzo del Podestà, which dates back to 1400, the Civic Tower and the Palazzo Dei Trecento. From Piazza Dei Signori opens Calmaggiore, the most important commercial street in Treviso. Rich with bars, restaurants, shops and historical shops, which connect the political heart of Treviso with the religious one, leading up to the Duomo. With its neoclassical facade, the Cathedral dominates the square, but the Church of San Nicolò, built in the XII century by the Dominican friars, is undoubtedly worth a visit. It is one of the most prominent examples of the Gothic style in Italy, with very elongated shapes and impressive in their simplicity.

The city of Treviso, the ancient Tarvisium, was surrounded by walls and as from recently you could enter the city only through the three gates: Porta San Tommaso, Porta Santi Quaranta and Porta Altinia. The Winged Lion of Venice can still be admired near the Porte, testifying that Treviso was the most important outpost of the Republic of Venice on the mainland. The walls and history of Treviso link to its waterways, which surround the city and can be admired on foot or by bicycle. You will find villas overlooking the river with ancient wash-houses, gardens, beautiful parks and absolute tranquillity.

The entire Treviso area fascinates the visitor with a unique scenario: in the background of the Dolomites, steep and gentle slopes alternate. It is enhanced by centuries-old wine culture that has profoundly redesigned the territory — this landscape, which due to its uniqueness, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Formerly defined as "Marca Gioiosa et amorosa", is one of the most important wine-making areas in Italy, where the famous Prosecco wine is born. The environment mixes with ancient villages full of both culture and tradition, where architecture and art happily combine with extraordinary culinary excellence.

In fact, Treviso owes its fame to its rich gastronomic tradition. Here the flavours of the lagoon and territory harmonise in an elegant and tasty cuisine. In addition to the famous radicchio, fish and meat dishes can be washed down with some of the best Italian wines: Prosecco di Valdobbiadene in the first place, but also Cabernet, Merlot and Pinot Bianco and Grigio. You can't start a meal without an aperitivo in one of the bars in Treviso: in addition to Prosecco, you can ask for un’ombra (a glass of wine) or a Spritz.

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Visit the exhibition Natura in Posa and continue with the discovery of the wonders of the City of Treviso
Discovering the Treviso area starting from Treviso and from the exhibition Natura in Posa
Starting from Treviso and the exhibition Natura in Posa for a bike tour along the river

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